July Favourites

This month there has been a lot of trends that have been hovering around all types of blogs and S/S shows. Today, I wanted to share with you my personal favourite items that I think might come in handy when styling your outfits for all the fun parties that may be happening during this summer.Summer has just started (well, for people over here in England), so head over to shops and prepare for a good summer which will hopefully be full of fun and laughter!

   Black Disco Pants: £29.99 from Glamorous

Nini Studded Black Denim Shorts: £29.99 from Glamorous

Benton Pink Waterfall From  Jacket: £23.39 from Glamorous

Rhia Satin Large Floral Trouser

Rhia Satin Large Floral Trouser: £5 from Boohoo

Tamali Spike Bracelet    


Tamali Spike Bracelet: £8 from Boohoo

Jess Contrast PU Rucksack  


Jess Contrast PU Rucksack: £18 from Boohoo 

Hearts & Bows Vintage Camo Jacket 

  Hearts & Bows Vintage Camo Jacket: £29.99 from Ark Clothing

Motel Aztec Hillary Body 

  Motel Aztec Hillary Body: £22.99 from Ark Clothing

Hearts & Bows Black Pittsburg Skirt 

   Hearts & Bows Black Pittsburg Skirt: £22.99 from Ark Clothing

Rosse Tropical Print Tailored Blazer 


Rosse Tropical Print Tailored Blazer: £29.99 from Miss Guided



Ornella Suede Spiked Inward Curve Wedges: £45.99 from Miss Guided



Mirranda Embellished Asymmetric Dress: £29.99 from Miss Guided



Jami Cross Stud Earrings: £3.99 from Miss Guided



Kaylon Spike Necklace: £9.99 from Miss Guided

MOTO Blue Dip Dye Denim Bralet 


MOTO Blue Dip Dye Denim Bralet: £32 from Topshop



Black Bowler Hat: £7.99 from Ebay

Love Yvette xo


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  1. get out..studded short!! love it!! and love everything pointy!



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