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YouTube Life?

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The fear of hate can be a cause for the lack of progress in ones life. I've noticed that this has been quite evident when it came to me contemplating whether I should start a YouTube channel or not. I've been talking about this for a while now but I think ready to actually publish the video as a public video. It will have the same name as my blog and everything about the channel will be revealed in the first video to come.

I hope that I will enjoy it as much or even more than I enjoy blogging, although I wish to be much more consistent than I have been lately, now that I've got my new camera. Head over to YouTube and subscribe to 'The Upgradeables' and be the first to watch my videos.

I hope this will be the start of something fun and enjoyable. Any video suggestions? :-) 

Love Yvette 

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LFW - Streetstyle Part 2

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As promised, here are some images of lovely people who stood out to me during the day. More to come!


@charlottefisher - Charlotte

PS: I'm not sure of everyone's name, so if you know their names or blog links, let me know so I can accredit them properly. 

DISCLAIMER: all photo's belong to me and must be accredited to 'The Upgradeables' blog
Love Yvette xo

LFW - Paul Costelloe Show

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Arriving at LFW is usually the time where I get to see bloggers n real life rather than on my screen. What I never expected was to actually attend one of the shows. I was lucky enough to be given a last minute ticket for a lovely lady, in return for some photo's of the show with my camera a long with my new LFW buddy who I met that day, Leonie. Check out her website here
Who knew that high-key lighting (media terminology, sorry) would not always work in my favour. One thing I learned is to always look at pictures once you've taken them just in case setting or lighting go on whiles taking the images. 

The Paul Costelloe show was set in.... which was about a 3-5 minute walk from Somerset House. Paul did not fail to stun the audience with this beautifully textured pieces and fabulous prints. The vibrant colours and mixed textures shown on the models showed us the variations in style and art in several ways that is indescribable. What a joy it was to see not only the garments and pieces, but to see such an influential man in the flesh. 



Love Yvette xo

LFW - Street Style 1

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My lack of absent is quite sad. I kind of got out of the blogging mood once I realised my camera had broken. I could have gotten it repaired but I decided it was time to actually invest in a better camera. Saving up was not easy and at times I just said 'I cba' any more. But, I finally gave in a couple of days ago. I decided to head down to LFW just to take a couple of street style snaps and video some content for my media project. It was an unforgettable day that I will never forget. If you're wondering why that is exactly, all will be revealed in an update post coming very soon.

These are a few snapshots of the day which I hope you will find intriguing. 

PS: I don't know everyone in the images so not everyone will be accredited. If you happen to see yourself or someone you know, please comment below and I will be sure to sully accredit them. 
DISCLAIMER: ALL images are my own and must be referenced to 'The Upgradeables' 

(Left to Right) 
HeidiLily, unknown, Lucy

Same as previous picture

Please let me know if you are aware of any of the people who have not been mentioned as I would like to accredit them. 

Love Yvette xo

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