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Stripes + Update

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Consistency on here is simply non-existent on here. 
Life can really cause you to focus on different things that seem much more valuable at the time. 
Guys. A-Levels are soooo much stress. It's the last stretch as my exams are in about 2 months..yikes!!
The stress is real, but prayer is keeping me happy. I'm also in a new space spiritually, which I will be sharing a lot more with you on here and my YouTube channel. Now on to the outfit...

I put this outfit together for my media coursework and thanks to be younger brother, Andrew, they actually turned out really well so I decided to post a few outfits on my blog so stay tuned. I hope you all had a great Easter weekend. Until next time...


All photo taken by my brother - Andrew 

*All photo's belong to me and must be linked back to this blog* 

Thanks, Yvette xo

Vlog - Ice Skating | The Upgradeables

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New vlog up on the channel! Enjoy


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