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My Leibster Blog Award nomination...


I was tagged by Tatianna Barry 

So I've been meaning to do this post for a long time now, but I couldn't think of any questions  and I wasn't sure who I should tag, but anyway, here are my questions: 

1. What's your favourite summer trend?
I'm loving so many trends this summer, but if I were to pick one t, then it would probably be maxi skirts, because it can easily transform a day outfit to a night outfit.

2. Do you spend more money on beauty products or clothing items?
No I don't because my mum is part of a network marketing company called FM which sell beauty products, so when ever she makes an order, she orders me some products. So to me its all free! 

3. What's your favourite pair of shoes?
My favourite pair of shoes would be my Guess high heels that I got a while ago, its so comfortable!

4. Who's your favourite beauty/fashion guru on YouTube?
I'm not sure, it would be between, BritPopPrincess or BeautyCrush I just love their videos!

5. Where do you find style inspiration?
Mainly through browsing tumblr, other blogs and just everyday people I may see around my area.

6. What do you want to do?
In the future, I would will probably turn my blog into a business whiles being a stylist. 

7. Why did you start blogging?
Well its a funny yet weird story actually. I was watching the US TV show Awkward, and I saw that the main character (I forgot her name) was blogging about her daily events, so me and my friend thought that it would be cool if we could do something like that, and at the time I wanted to be a fashion journalist, so I thought it would be a good way of me practising my writing skills for the future and then Fashions Finest No1 was born!  

8. Do your friends/family know your a blogger?
Yes, my auntie is constantly asking me how my blog is going, and my mum! My mum is probably the reason why I decided to go back to blogging in June because, she is always telling me to follow my dreams! I love her. I have 2 friends who have blogs anyways, so we are constantly sharing ideas on how to improve our blog. Check out Carmen  and Amelia's blog. 
9. Who's your favourite model ?
Tyra Banks

10.Who's your favorite designer
Mary Katranszou! Her designs are A M A Z I N G 

11. Do you thrift?
I only just discovered thrifting a couple of weeks ago, so I'm still looking for stores in the UK 

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My Questions 
 1. Do you go on a shopping sprees?
 2.What are you must have favourite clothing/fashion item must have for this Fall/Autumn/
 3.Who are your favourite youtube guru vloggers?
4.When and why did you start start blogging?
5. Where do you regularly get inspiration from?
6. What was your first designer item? If you don't have one, what would it you like it to be?
7. What do you want to do in the future? (job-wise)
8. Even though summer is pretty much over, what was your favourite trend this season?
9. Do you spend a lot of money on clothes or is your budget normally minimal?
10. What kind of things do you think, you will be rocking this Fall/Autumn regardless of the weather?

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Celebrity Style Inspiration: Blake Lively


Hello everyone! I hope everyone has been having a great summer. Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I was in Stratford as I mentioned in one of my other posts. I have been spending most of time, near the Olympic park (but not in it, because you need a ticket to get into village alone) but, I met an athlete in Hollister, except I can't really remember his name, but know he is either a swimmer or a runner. I'm not sure, oops! I have been spending most of my time reading a story on tumblr (that's another thing I will talk about soon for all of you who like to read) and just being a bit lazy while hanging out with my lovely Grandma.
I thought I would just do a Celebrity Style Inspiration post since I haven't been doing any posts for a while.
Today's Celebrity Style Inspiration is.... Blake Lively. To be honest I do not know much about her, so I am not able to share my knowlegde about her and her career, but I know that she has a Lively personality (see what I did there *wink* ) well that is based on what I have seen in her interviews on E!. Here are just a few pictures that clearly embrace her Lively personality and style ( again witho the puns *double wink* ) .

Just in case you didn't hear about this in my last post, I have no got an iPad which means that I will be able to frequently post things on my blog.
I am also renovating my blog, so you will see some cool changes on here.

blake-lively Roland Mouret Cap Sleeved Seamed India Dress

blake-lively Alice + Olivia Mandy Chain Crop Top

blake-lively Marc By Marc Jacobs Omosa Sparkle Sweater

blake-lively Haute Hippie Feather Sequin Vest

blake-lively Tibi Floral Embroidered Cotton Dress
blake-lively Rag & Bone Aubry Top

Image Credit:

Love Yvette xo

Summer Pictures via Instagram

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So I just thought I'd show you a couple of pictures from my summer holidays so far, which btw was spent mostly in london. Sorry if the quality is not quite clear, iPad camera's are pretty bad.
Check out my Instagram: FashionsFinestNo1

Admiring my new colar necklace  from Primark
Me with one of my little twin brothers
My little cousin/God sister
My cute little cousin/ God daughter
On the train coming back from London to MK
In West Ham  Park watching the Womens boxing and bmx
Enjoying the sun whiles waiting for my auntie to get me some Jamaican Jellof rice! Yum
At St Johns church watching a dance
Me and my cousin before heading out to Westfield
Follow her on twitter: @Claudia_Baybeh
All the colours I tested whiles in KIKO (in Stratford Westfield) 

Love Yvette xo

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