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So the Wonderful Tatianna
created this tag for us bloggers and I was so happy because, there were so many tags that were mainly for Youtubers, although there were some that both Youtubers and Bloggers could do, but the vast majority was mainly for them. So thank you Tatianna for creating this tag.

1) How long does it take you to edit/write a post?

It depends on the type of post I'm doing. If it is an ootd post, for some reason I find it takes me less time to do it and it roughly takes me about 35 minutes (including taking the pictures, editing and uploading) because, I have the help of my brothers. And if it's a post that requires me to create a collage, it can take up to 2 hours maximum

2)Are you a spender or saver?
I guess I'm a bit of both. When I have money, I will spend it on silly things like drinks and food. lol. But I normally choose the cheaper alternative, ( whiles still considering the quality and quantity) and this usually gets me my money's worth.

3) What type of post do you enjoy writing or recording?

Most recently I enjoy doing ootd posts because, I feel as though my readers are able to really see how I am as a person through my style and it is a better way to express myself

4)Do your friends and family know about your blog/channel?

Yes. and my mum keeps telling all our family members at events which can be embarrassing because sometimes they're say "ohh show me" and I would just run away or laugh. But its really nice too because my mum also helps me with the editing and design of my blog when I really need help because she is so good at all the technical stuff.  

5)What Clothing Item do you wear way too much?

My brown American Vintage jacket, mainly because I wear to school every day *cringe* 
I need a new one.  Any suggestions?

6)Are you more likely to buy a bag or a pair of shoes?

Definitely a pair of shoes

7)Are the outfits that you post really what you wear in out?

Since I haven't done much outfit posts, I would say most of them are and the rest are ones  I wear when going out. 

8)Who or What inspired you to start a blog or channel?

It's actually a funny story. I was watching the American TV show Awkward with one of my best friends and we saw her blogging and thought it was a good idea to display our likes dislike, thoughts and feelings about anything. Although, till this day my friend still hasn't made one. 
Bloggers such as Shirley and Susie also inspired me as they were the first blogs I discovered.

9)What's your style mantra? (in other words, what does style mean to you. I think....)

 Style is not always about trends, it is about freedom of expression. It may involve adapting trends in your own way and creating your own identity. It doesn't have to expensive or be filled with major brands, it just needs effort and confidence in what you are wearing. Never being afriad to break the rules is what counts. 
Be Bold, be confident, and be you - Definition of style

I tag anyone and everyone. Spread the word...

I quite enjoy doing tags so I will probably be doing more soon

Love Yvette xo

Name Change announcement!

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So for a while now I have been talking about possible name changes for the blog because, I don't like my current name for the blog and when I was making it, I didn't think about it... it just sort of happened. 
So by tonight you will see a different name and title on the blog and all my other links will change
I'm also thinking about a making a Facebook page for my blog but we'll see how things go.

This was just a quick update but, I can assure you that good things will come out of these changes.

Love Yvette xo

Trends: Leather and Boots

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Today I thought I'd do a bit of trend updating even though some of them are pretty obvious. These were just a couple of things I selected whiles making a Polyvore set.
Trends: Leather

SAFiYAA Peplum Emerald 
Robert Rodriguez Leather
 Warehouse Studded Faux Leather Biker jacket
 Latonia Khaki Faux Fur Lined
  Faux Leather Spiked Moto Vest

H&M Skirt
 River Island Brown Leather Look Trousers

New Hair, Don't Care: Thick Box Braids


So after the long commotion and stress (well not really but you know what I mean ) of trying to find a hairdresser who could do this types of braids as my original hairdresser was not able to do my hair. Finally, I have the braids I've really been wanting ever since I watched Chanel's tutorial on how to style box braids 
I am in love with this hairstyle for some reason, sounds big headed but oh well...
I will probably do a post within the next month on how I've been styling them so stay tuned.

Hair Info:
Colour used: 1 and 1b
Packets: 5

Love Yvette xo

Beauty: MUA Undressed Palette Review


Since I don't normally do a lot of beauty posts even though this is partly a a beauty blog as well, I thought I'd do a review on my favourite palette by MUA (make-up academy) which is called 'Undressed'. It is very similar to the 'Heaven and Earth ' pallet but this has a lot more lighter shades of gold and beige.
What I love about this palette is that the eye shadows are really matte and are good quality, and for only £3 (on sale, but originally £4) this was totally worth it. I used this colours on the first row on the pallet to highlight my brow bone and it manages to give it a subtle, sleek effect. I love it.
Its not often you get good pallet with good quality eye shadows at a really good price, so I would definitely recommend it.
I've done swatches so you can see what they look like..
DISCLAIMER: This is not a sponsored review, this only by choice.

   Second row on pallet from left to right

First row on pallet from left to right

 Love Yvette xo

The Afican Attire


Today I thought I'd do something a little bit different to the usual post and talk different African attires there are in the world and how you can include them within your wardrobe, African or not.

Africa is full of different types of African attire and materials that can be worn to different functions or on a day to day basis (depending on the item of clothing). I'm from Ghana so in Ghana, our traditional African material is Kente. Kente is mainly worn on special occasions as it can be very expensive due to the fact that it is hand woven. 
If you don't want to have a full African outfit, you can go for small items such as earrings, a necklace or even a really nice clutch. Little details in a simple items of clothing can really make the outfit stand out.
Here are some images that I found which have really nice African designs from many designers.


Duaba Serwa - Summer 2013 collection by Nelly Aboagye


Love Yvette xo

CSI (Celebrity Style Inspiration): Rita Ora

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Rita Ora has really been stepping up her style game this year and has worn some of the most amazing pieces outfits. although she has been wearing some really outstanding pieces, she has not forgotten about her urban sexy style that she had before her music career blew up, instead it has just been upgraded and evolved. Big props to Rita. Watch out fashionista's, I have a feeling that she will be stepping up her game this year.
Love Yvette xo

Happy New Year 2013 + NYE Pics

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Happy New Year everyone! I hope you had a good NYE whatever you did. It is tradition in my family to go to church for NYE and ~I must say it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! My church is very multicultural and diverse but last night we partied as though we were back home in Africa and it was just so much fun seeing out Pastors party like African's at heart. Here are some pictures from last night...
I hope 2013 is a good year for you all and full of happiness and joy. I'm sure there will be obstacles that you will have to over come during the year as always but, how you over come them will show you and everyone the strength you have.

There will be some big changes on the blog, such as the name, layout and I will probably buy a domain name, but trust me it will be for the best. 
Oh and I've found the perfect photographers for my blog; my 6 year old twin brothers.  It sounds stupid I know but as long as I position them in the right way and change the camera settings, they're quite good. But they're always arguing over who should take the pictures... oops!  
What I'm wearing:
Dress (worn as a top): New Look
Sheer Maxi Skirt: Primark
Jacket: Internacionale
Ring, Necklace and Bangle: New Look 
Clutch: Primark
Earrings: Primark

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