The Afican Attire

Today I thought I'd do something a little bit different to the usual post and talk different African attires there are in the world and how you can include them within your wardrobe, African or not.

Africa is full of different types of African attire and materials that can be worn to different functions or on a day to day basis (depending on the item of clothing). I'm from Ghana so in Ghana, our traditional African material is Kente. Kente is mainly worn on special occasions as it can be very expensive due to the fact that it is hand woven. 
If you don't want to have a full African outfit, you can go for small items such as earrings, a necklace or even a really nice clutch. Little details in a simple items of clothing can really make the outfit stand out.
Here are some images that I found which have really nice African designs from many designers.


Duaba Serwa - Summer 2013 collection by Nelly Aboagye


Love Yvette xo

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  1. Great post! It was very interesting to see the fashion in cultures other than the 4 big cities. Great insight into African fashion :)

  2. Hi dear! You're a miracle! I'm your new follower! I wait for you in my blog!


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