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Perfect christmas gift found a day too late..

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It seems everyone has finally entered christmas mode and is in full swing of the christmas spirit. Although, a minority of people on my facebook homepage have been complaining about christmas being really boring, that might be because, they're either not getting much, or just think its not 'cool' be in a fun christmas spirit. Well as for me, I am excited as ever because, alot of my family are coming over and its going to be just great.
 My  mum secretly sneaked a massive christmas gift under the christmas tree whiles I was cleaning my room today, so now Im even more excited (if it's even for me), but who knows what santa might sneak under the tree, while I'm asleep, although I am going to be up waiting for him to arrive with or without milk and cookies
If only I saw this beautifully designed pair of shoes on tumblr yesterday. I definatley wouldn't have minded if sants put this under my tree. Well I guess santa (AKA my parents ='D) saved a little bit of time and possibly money seeing as I have no idea who desinged it and how much it cost, but fear no more, I will find it and buy it, even if it takes me months.
But on another note, Merry Christmas everyone, hope all your dreams come true, but remeber even if you don't get the present you wanted, be grateful and thankful that you are even alive today.
Love, Yvette (FashionsFinestno1) xoxo

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