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So a few weeks ago, my lovely friend Irene invited me to an event on Facebook and I first I was excited but as my mock exams were rapidly approaching, I instantly shut down any kind of fun ideas because it was time to get serious. Then around 3:30 pm my friend texted me saying if I wanted t come an d I said sure why not? After all mocks are over..
Little did I know that it was going to be a fabulous night that would change my thoughts and feeling for any career aspirations for example, last year I really wanted to try and start styling but I kind of gave up that dream as I thought that I was rishing since I hadn't even finished my GCSE's yet. For some strange reason I actually was not able to overcome my fear so I immediately stopped emailing stylists. That is not until Saturday night when I met Alka (@alkaofficial) TV presenter, Stylist and ta UK style expert for JustFab and I also met Rachel Lasamba who is also a stylist and the owner of ' Sambalux'.

One of the best things about the night was winning the best dressed award and winning a £35 Just Fab voucher!!
Anyway, the event was not only entertaining but also very inspiring for many of us women who are aspiring to be great but may not doing very much to get where we want to be. These Wonderful ladies also showed us that age is just a number because Rachel is only 20 years old with her own fabulous empire and Alka being only 24 who has achieved many great things over the past couples of year. As Beyonce says 'ladies we flawless' so I suggest we put some work in our dreams and prove to everyone that we are truly flawless and wonderfully made my God to be become leaders.

I know that I have taken my steps to success in the last few days to achieve what I want to achieve in my future career (which is very close by the way) and my educational achievement. If you have any tips on how to stay positive, then leave a comment below.
Here are a few pics from the night, enjoy

Up on stage with Alka, Irene and some other lovely ladies that were picked for a style me session. 

Love Yvette xo 

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