Beauty: MUA Undressed Palette Review

Since I don't normally do a lot of beauty posts even though this is partly a a beauty blog as well, I thought I'd do a review on my favourite palette by MUA (make-up academy) which is called 'Undressed'. It is very similar to the 'Heaven and Earth ' pallet but this has a lot more lighter shades of gold and beige.
What I love about this palette is that the eye shadows are really matte and are good quality, and for only £3 (on sale, but originally £4) this was totally worth it. I used this colours on the first row on the pallet to highlight my brow bone and it manages to give it a subtle, sleek effect. I love it.
Its not often you get good pallet with good quality eye shadows at a really good price, so I would definitely recommend it.
I've done swatches so you can see what they look like..
DISCLAIMER: This is not a sponsored review, this only by choice.

   Second row on pallet from left to right

First row on pallet from left to right

 Love Yvette xo

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4 Responses to “Beauty: MUA Undressed Palette Review”

  1. I love eyeshadow. I don't know if they sell this brand in the U.S. but it looks super fun.


    1. I know! But I think they ship worldwide, but you can check out their website (I've left a link in the post) xo


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