Olympic tales and summer plans....

So far the weather in England for 'summer' has not quite met to anyone's standards. There has been heaps of rain which has resulted in a high level of floods across the country. If you live on the other side of the sea (USA) then you will probably have no idea about what I'm talking about, well even if you're in countries such as France, Greece, Spain etc, you would have probably not experienced this weather. Lucky you :-). It's been a disaster here.

Well, this summer I was supposed to go to New York and Philadelphia but I'm not too sure any more, I might just stay here and enjoy the street parties that will be happening for the Olympics ( I know this sounds stupid because its NEW YORK, but there is always Christmas). Hopefully, England might be able to pull through will some satisfactory weather later on this summer. 

However , England have the pleasure of hosting the.. Olympics!, well, Stratford, London to be precise. What many of you do not know is that I was born near Stratford, that's right, I'm an East London Chick ;-). So I shall be visiting my home town for the summer and shopping until I drop in Stratford Westfield. I shall also be helping my auntie with her home rentals for the Olympics So if you're looking for general properties during the Olympics and Paralympic games then visit the Urban Divinity  website for more details. You can also call: 00447908733712 (if you are calling from abroad) and 07908733712 (if you are calling directly from the UK)

If you mention this blog when booking a home rental at Urban Divinity then you will get an extra 25% off! 

Here are some key pieces you could use to support your country in the Olympic and Paralympic games.


Click here to purchase them 

American Flag Platform Ankle Boots at Runway Shoes

Union Jack Block Heel Platform Boots Preview

Union Jack Block Heel Platform Boots at Runway Shoes


  French flag evening clutch at Crystal Purse Shop 


 Spanish shopping bag at Toro Shopping 


A greek Ipone case from Amazon

That's all I can find, but I'm sure there are other items you could use to show your support. Go team GB and GH (Ghana)
I hope you all have a good summer :-)


Love Yvette xo

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