Pretty pictures I admire featuring TUMBLR

Many of you may not know this but a couple of months ago around December/January, I was a Tumblr geek. There, I said it a Tumblr geek (high five to all the Tumblr geeks out there). I would constantly be on Tumblr reblogging any cool things I could find on a daily basis, from funny quotes to clothes and celebrities. However, I haven't been able to go on it as frequently due to exams and more responsibilities that I have to face in year 10!
But yesterday I went back onto it and found some really cool pictures that I thought I might share with you today. 
Check out my Tumblr to  have a look at some more cool pictures:



I can give you a promo. Just go HERE.  


Street Chic: New York - ELLE  









The Amazing Anna Della Russo 

Love Yvette xo

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4 Responses to “Pretty pictures I admire featuring TUMBLR”

  1. Great pictures. If I'm not mistaken, those are red Prada flame detailed shoes in one of those pictures:) They were my absolute favorite shoes designs for Spring 2012. Thanks for following hun!

  2. Oh cool, I didn't even know that, but I can see you have a good eye for fashion. Your welcome! Thanks for following back :-) xo

  3. Great post babe, absolutely love the pics! I'm now following your blog - follow back! :)

    Fabby xo

  4. Thanks! I'll check out your blog now and follow :-) Thanks for the follow
    Yvette xo


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