A cros breed between high tops and wedges

Have you wondered what it would be like to wear trainers that can look just as classy as heels? Well, no need to wonder because, recently I have spotted these shoes all over the shops, but finding the right pair can be very difficult. I first spotted these  in the June issue of Instyle Magazine when I was flicking through the pages to see what the latests trends were. Although I must be honest, I did think they were super ugly oriniginally, but when I saw it on other people such as Cheryl Cole, I thought it looked really good. Maybe its the way she styled the outfit with the shoes that made it look nice, but whatever it was, it looked damn good. My favourite pair was this multicoloured Marc Jacobs one that I thought was really unique and interesting, but most high street stores that are ahead of the game and already have them in store (e.g. H&M, Forever 21) seem to mainly have them  in beige and black for some reason. I'm sure there will be more of them popping up in the popular highstreet stores, so if you're thinking "well I want a more exciting colour than beige and black" I'm sure there are other colours around, they are just waiting to be discovered. 
If you are still very puzzled as to what I'm ranting on about, then take a look at some images below. 

Wedge Sneakers by Isabel Marant 
Image via  http://www.blackstuddedfashion.com/post/23259486558/trends-2012-wedge-sneakers 

My personal favourite Marc By Marc Jacobs Wedge Sneakers 

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