Celebrity Style Inspiration: Kim Kardashian

Today's Celebrity Style Inspiration is.. Kim Kardashian 
Many of you may not know this but, I have adored Kim K's style for a very long time now. Her style is always polished and chic to perfection that she hardly ever has any fashion slip-ups. Although recently she has been given a bit of a bad name for getting divorced after 72 days of marriage, she has automatically gained her status as the ultimate fashionista (although some may disagree) with all her statement dresses that she has been wearing whiles travelling across Europe for various projects. Well done Kim, you came back and you're ready to take over the fashion industry.

Take a look at  just some of her amazing outfits that she has worn over the past few months...

 kim-kardashian Alexander McQueen Crochet-embroidered silk-organza jacket
kim-kardashian Roland Mouret Anabelle Double Wool Crepe Dress
 kim-kardashian Siwy Mick Pants in Speechless
kim-kardashian Givenchy Peplum Dress
kim-kardashian J Brand Quatro Leather Pant 
kim-kardashian Gucci Party Dress With A Key Hole Neckline 
kim-kardashian See by Chloe Color Block Button Down Blouse

Love Yvette xo

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