Summer Trends: Fitted and Studded shorts

In my recent visit to Gone Retro which you can view here , I noticed that there were about 3 rails which were fillled with fabulous looking shorts, especially studded ones. I then went around the shopping centre doing a little bit of window shopping (as usual) the next dayand I noticed that fitted and studded shorts were getting popular in vinatge stores, but also in all the popular high street stores such as Topshop, Miss Selfridge, and New Look . Although I was very tempted to spend some of my savings and buy a lovely pair of studded shorts, it occured to me that I may have difficulties sitting down if there are studds are on the back of my shorts, so if I was any of you I would consider getting the one whereby the studds are on the front of your shorts, but that's all up you.

Hearts & Bows Black Diego Shorts
Hearts & Bows Black Diego Shorts £29.99 which you can buy here 

Cosmic  Light Wash Lullu Shorts

Cosmic Light Wash Lullu Shorts £22.99  which you can buy here

Glamorous Black Della Shorts
Glamorous Black Della Shorts  £29.99 wich you can buy here

Levis Studded shorts from Gone Retro (as I mentioned before, is now my favourite go to store for key classical pieces) which you can buy here

studded shorts-moto stud dip dye shorts
MOTO Stud Dip Dye Shorts from Shop Style which you can purchase here

Bubblegum Shorts by The Ragged Priest £40 which you can purchase here

Why not  have an oufit filled with studds, but be careful not to hurt anyone, unless it's for protection.

Hearts & Bows Cream Athol Bralette                                                                                                     

Hearts & Bows Cream Athol Bralette : £26.99 at Ark Clothing

Hearts & Bows Black Lenox Shirt

Hearts & Bows Black Lenox Shirt: £24.99 at Ark Clothing

Hearts & Bows Black Jackoville Blazer
Hearts & Bows Black Jackoville Blazer: £44.99 at Ark Clothing

Love Yvette xo

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4 Responses to “Summer Trends: Fitted and Studded shorts”

  1. Great post! I just purchased studs online so I could do a DIY on some!
    XO Tatianna

  2. Cool! I shall be keeping an eye on your blog for the DIY :-)

  3. Awesome blog! would you mind following each other via bloglovin? :) xx

    /Malin @

  4. Thanks! yeahh sure, why not :-) xo


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