Vintage Store Hunter Day 1: Gone Retro

In one of my recent posts, I mentioned my vintage store hunt was beginning to take place, and now that my GCSE exams are finally over (YAY!), so it meant that my friend and I decided to head over to a store close straight after school and began raiding the rails for about 2 hours. The shop keepers were absolutely friendly and were really close in convincing me to buy a fabulous pair of leather platform heels for just £30 ! But I only ended up buying 2 rings (which I will show you in my first ever haul coming up soon!). The store has a very cool vibe with authentic vintage pieces that the store owners personalise and tie dye. It was amazing! This is now my official go-to vintage pieces store. Check out the facebook page which they frequently update.

Here are few pictures I took on the day ...

Shirt: £17

Wet Look Leggings: £12

Shorts: about £15
Jumper:  £10 

Shirt: about £15

Amazing wallpaper in back 

Shirt: about £17

Shorts: about £15
Jumper:  £10  

Love Yvette xo

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4 Responses to “Vintage Store Hunter Day 1: Gone Retro”

  1. I know, too bad I didn't get it! Hopefully its not gone!xx

  2. Love Love Love all of these outfits. You look amaze :) x x


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