My vintage store hunt

Recently I have noticed that there are a lot of vinatge lover blogs that have the most amazing pieces of clothing and jewellery, but I'm constantly just sitting here thinking " where is the nearest vintage store?". Some of you may not know this but I live in Milton Keynes which is a town near Northampton and Bedford. If you still have no idea where it is, it is about an hour and a fifteen minutes away from London. Although I do visit London quite often, because a majority of my family live there, its hard to actually look around for a vintage store which satifies my fashions needs and fashion sense. Although I have found one in my town, I have not been there yet but I still want to keep my options open and find a multiple of vintage stores that I can regularly visit.

My hunt to find a vintage store near by, will start in a couple of weeks as I am doing a few of my GCSE exams, so the focus is on that during the week, for now. If anyone knows of any vintage stores in Buckinghamshore, Northampton, or Bedford then please email me at: as it would be a big help.

Here are a few images of the clothes you can find in vinatge stores across the UK that may be near you whereby you can go and have a look at all the wonderful and reasonably priced clothes and jewellery. If the prices displayed are nit in your price range, I would suggest that you in invest in a vintage piece of clothing or jewellery.


Ocean Jumpsuit - VV Vintage - £50


Brazillian Fun Top - VV Vintage £40 


Multi Silk Shorts - VV Vintage - £45


Red 80's Oversized Blazer - VV Vintage - £


Manoush dress - £48.23

If your more daring and willing to splash your cash on a few vintage items then take a look at the items below.

For those of you across the sea, why not take a look at these outfits from a couple of websites I have hand picked just for you.


Vinatge dress $200 - Size 16 - For those who are pluz sized (I'm jealous of you btw) here is a dress that creates a really nice hourglass silhouette for your figure, which you can pair with many shades of belts. 

Rag & Bone

Rag&Bone dress - $275  Size 4 For those of you who may have a slim figure (like myself) here's a designer Rag&Bone dress that will compliment your figure 


Stefanel beige chiffon and linen sleeveless dress - $78 Size XS 

Love Yvette xo

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