Black Girls Killing It: Women of colour

Black Girls Killing It is a website based on women of colour across the world putting together outfits that simply have to be adored. It ranges from regular streetstyle people to bloggers and celebrities. It highlights the multicultural influence within everyday fashion and modern day styling. It is nice to see a website that admires beautiful black women who somehow manage to keep their culture and African lifestyle and fashion into their modern day life. Just visit the Black Girls Killing It website and Facebook page to have a look at some wonderful outfits put together by some wonderful people all around the world.
Facebook Page:
Here are some images that will give you an idea of what to expect to find on the website and the Facebook page (daily updates on the Facebook page).

Love Yvette xo

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2 Responses to “Black Girls Killing It: Women of colour”

  1. Hey Yvette, Neil here from BGKI, was just browsing the world wide web and saw this post!! Thanks for the love, the support and for sharing BGKI on your blog. Stay killing it :)

  2. That's alright, I love the blog anyways, so I thought everyone should know about it. I hope people love BGKI as much As I do!
    Love Yvette xo


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