Louise Roe for Stylist Pick: Collection

If your a big fan of the hit show Plain Jane , you'll instantly regognise Louise Roe as the presenter of the show. If not then, ill let you know who she is...
Louise Roe is an amazing stylist and presenter of Plain Jane and is also a columnist for Company Magazine. She is known for electric, sophisticated and spontaneous style. She has been seen at many of the A/W 2011 and S/S 2012 shows. You can tell by her collection for Sylist Pick that flying from country to country to watch the A/W 2011 and S/S 2012 shows has really influnced her designs, and I must say, they did her good. Here are some Images from her collection which you can find on : http://www.stylistpick.com/louise-roe 
Harbour Island-Taupe

Harbour Island-Silver

If you're not liking the shoes showed above, don't worry, there are other famous stylists  to choose from who have their collections on the website too.

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