Linzi: my new found favourite shoe store

If you guys don't already know this, I am a bit of a bargain hunter but I look for good quality shoes and clothing.
Yesterday I went to Stratford Westfield to do shopping as a treat for my birthday (which was on Sunday by the way), and I came across Linzi which I may have seen in the shoppig centre in my area, but I never really noticed until now.  Now like I said before I am a very big bargain hunter so when I saw how expensive the shop looked I was not s keen on going in, but my friend convinced me to go in, and thank God she did. My heart was captured by a pair of look-a-like Jeffery Campbell plaform heels with the American flag on them. To my surprise, they were only £35! The Jeffery Campbell heels were about £160 so that's a massive saving. So instead of me having to save up for a couple of months,  I can now get it sooner than I thought.
Here is the American Platform Heels from Linzi: £35

Creepers: £35

ILKA: £40

Emeline: £50

To look at some wonderful shoes from the store visit:

Love Yvette oxo

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