October Wishlist

I've always wondered why people used to say A/W (autumn/winter) was their favourite season, I mean in England that means cold, rain and sometimes snow until now. I've really been enjoying this past month because, I've been able to wear all my lovely A/W clothes that have sitting in my wardrobe growing dust (not literally but you get the point). I'm really enjoying the whole oversized knit jumpers and cardigans especially because I feel so comfortable and warm! I love the feeling of comfort!

So here's a couple of things I'm planning on buying in order to get my style back into comfort and warmth for this season. 

1. Galaxy Print Chiffon Skirt from Ebay (funky diva)  
2. Cropped Polo from Ebay (from funky diva)  
3. Studded Carigan from Ebay (from Funky Diva) 
4. Black Disco Pants from Boohoo  
5. American Print Sweater from Ebay (from Funky Diva) 
6. Long Sleeve Crochet from Ebay (from Funky Diva)  
7. Carrie Pocket Detail chunky Knit Jumper from Boohoo

 1. Brow Kit 
2. 3 in 1 Contour Pen 
3. Extreme Felt Liner Black
4. Lip Boom (not sure what shade) 
5. Face Primer
6. Lip Boom
7. (the eye-shadows. Sorry, I labelled it wrong, oops!)  12 Shade Heaven and Earth Palette
8. Eye Primer 

Love Yvette xo  

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2 Responses to “October Wishlist ”

  1. Loving the knitted jumper from BooHoo & MUA is such a good range! Their lipsticks are amazing. Great post hun



    1. Their lipsticks are so nice! Especially the Lip Boom lipsticks, the colours are lovely and cheap!
      Thanks girl!xx


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