Wardrobe Staples

Wardrobe Staples

Band of Outsiders red long sleeve shirt / H M short sleeve t shirt, $12 / Mango stripe shirt / H M jersey tank, $4.98 / Topshop petite black jeans, $60

As you get older, I guess your style may change. This has clearly been apparent for me as I've noticed that I've become more drawn to the more simple staple wardrobe pieces that look much neater and cleaner. These pieces can be worn in both summer and autumn, with a little bit of a tweak in each season. For me right now, I'm L O V I N G H&M and their simple and cheap items that I don't even know why I didn't like H&M before? Beats me. They have really nice staple pieces with lovely shapes and such cheap prices that I can happily afford. 

The White tee can easily be paired with a lot of items that you can easily throw on when you're in a rush or on your way to school, which I will be doing quite often and it can look really nice with a pair of jeans. Whether its black denim, light wash denim or a dark navy denim pair of jeans, you simply can't go wrong. 

I also really love the light blue blouse which I've been seeing on Hannah from COCOBEAUTEA on her Instagram page which I love!

Anyways, enough of the rambling, hope you all enjoy the rest of your summer. 

Love Yvette x

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