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Hey everyone, hope you're all doing well and you're all feeling good even in this horrible weather. I finally took my camera to get fixed so i should have some OOTD posts up soon and show you how I've been coping with outfits in this cold weather. I will also be doing some OOTD posts of my friend who has allowed me to take some street style pics of her from time to time so that should be interesting.
This is a a mini update through the eyes of Instagram so stay up to date with that if you want. 
Instagram: http://instagram.com/thatchickyvette


(from left to right) 
1st day of work at Next//At the bus stop on the way to the library// chilling at the library//me and my friend messing about in the library//random selfie before the library//breakfast on a Saturday morning//selfie before work// insta video of my new hair style// insta video of my little brother 

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