Start of a natural hair journey

Hi everyone, hope everyone is well and enjoying their summer vacation/holidays so far.

There has been a lot of people on Youtube and Instgram starting a natural hair journey for many different types of reasons. My reasons for starting this natural hair journey and finally doing the big chop was because, my hair was just not healthy and seriously damaged from all the heat and constant relaxing/perming. I didn't cut the whole thing because first of all, I am not that brave and because I had been transitioning from relaxed hair to natural hair by letting my natural grow and I stopped relaxing my hair for a year. I also wanted to be able to have really nice curly hair because I think in the long run it could really cute. I really like my curly hair right now, but the best curls are in the roots and it feels really nice and soft...yay!

Although I like the texture of my hair I'm just going to keep braiding it so that it can just grow, but I am still looking for hair products that will keep my hair healthy and moisturised. If you have any hair products that you think will be good for my natural hair then please let me know.

At the moment I have my Brazilian weave installed so I will keep you updated on my hair later on when I take it out (pictures of my hair coming soon)
Excuse the quality of my pictures, it was taken with my iPad because I couldn't be bothered to get my camera out since I had to go out that day.

1. Just before being washed and freshly cut

2. After being washed, shrinkage is the worst :-(

 3. Just before untangling the knots in my hair

Love Yvette xo

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