Celebrity Style Inspiration: Iggy Azalea + Update

Hi everyone, for me to say that it has been a long time since I have blogged is simply an understatement. Although it has been long, I do have my reasons, one of them being being my GCSE exams took over my life. I was constantly revising for about 4-5 months straight but I still ended up doing a LOT of last minutes crammed revision which I really don't understand...

To be honest, I kind of lost my blogging mojo and my interest in the fashion industry all together which is weird because most people that know me are aware that I do want to have a career in the industry soon. Well, I have finished my exams now and I'm just lounging about for the next  couple of weeks until I go on holiday to... GHANA!! I'm so excited and even though it was a really last minute trip, I'm so excited to just be chilling in the sun with some of my cousins and just...enjoying myself before I start sixth form in September!

Now that you are all aware of my absence, lets get onto the purpose of this post...


Iggy Azalea...My girl! I love her, and her rebellious yet sensual style. Her hit single 'Work' hit Youtube a while ago now and I'm seriously in love with that song. She is a fresh and rebellious R&B rapper who is here to challenge all the other female rappers and I'm sure we will be seeing her style being portrayed and acknowledged more often. 





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                                                                     Love Yvette xo

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  1. Oh my, I love this post! Iggy is my girl! Just met her in August at the VMA's. She is such a sweetheart!!

    XO Kay
    Fashionably Kay


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