Goals for 2013

In my last post I briefly mentioned that I will be doing  a post about setting achievable goals/resolutions for 2012. Setting the right goals is important, but being able to actually meet those goals and remembering them throughout the year is equally as important.
You need to set smart goals in order to achieve them. 

Well first, you obviously need to think of some goals that you want to achieve but, also keeping in mind that they have to be realistic and achievable goals that you feel you will be able to achieve with enough effort. If you are a risk taker then you're not afriad to set goals that push your boundaries and allow you to go out of your comfort zone. 

Recording your goals:
One way you can record your goals is by simply wring them on on a piece of paper (remember to make multiple copies just in case you misplace the original list) and stick them in a visible place such as the wall in your room or the living room so that it is something you can regularly see. 

If you like to be a bit more creative or you're a visual learner then i would suggest creating a vision/mood board. I personally decided to one myself after reading a post I read on IFB (Idependant Fashion Bloggers) talking about how to create a vision board that was written by Christina Brown from Love Brown Sugar which you can find here
Here are some images of Part 1 of my vision board that I have created for 'Blog/Career'.

Hope these tips were helpful and you all achieve your goals are achieved within 2013. 
Love Yvette xo

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