Boxing Day Sales Haul

 Hey guys! Sorry I haven't blogged in a while, I had exams so I was busy revising for a long time. Only two more to go and then I'm finished until May. 
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas (or enjoyed any other holiday) and had lots to eat. So I got a new camera for Christmas so I decided to put it to use already and take some pictures after a long day of shopping and hanging out with my auntie and friends and do a quick haul. 
What did you get in the sales?

Bangle: New Look

Ring: New Look

Earrings and Ear cuff: Primark

Shoes: Primark

Clutch: Primark

Eye-shadow: H&M, Lip liners: Oriflame, Blusher Brush:Oriflame, Blending Brush: Superdrug

Lipstick:Oriflame (its actually a lot darker)

Company Street Style


Jacket: Internacionale

Leather Pockets

Jumper: Select

Dress: Select
All images are taken by me 
Love Yvette xo

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3 Responses to “Boxing Day Sales Haul”

  1. Great haul! I love the cross ring!
    Trying to get 100 subs by 2013... Follow me?
    -Jen <3

  2. Love those quilted flats! Thanks for the comment on my Tag post, I hope you'll do it
    xo Tatianna

    1. Thanks! Yes, I will definitely be doing the tag post, I might even a do a video response! :-) xo


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