Are you a designer?

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A little update on university life so far. The uni life has entailed a lot of great and memorable moments on both my course and in my personal life. But one question I always encounter is .... do you design stuff then? I usually end up laughing and smiling saying, no, no I don't.
What course is it that I Study you may ask? Fashion Communication and Promotion. Trust me when I say that its a handful to say. 
The diversity of my course content intrigued  me as it enables me to experience many aspects of the fashion industry, both in the creative sector and the business side of fashion such s PR, Marketing and Branding. 
The course itself is quite interesting in terms of how many projects we do and how they are conducted. It enable us to really push ourselves and learn new techniques on programs such as Photoshop and surprisingly, PowerPoint. 
The growth of my learning and understanding will surely increase as time progresses throughout the years, so I'm ready for whatever the journey entails. 

- Yvette 

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