Casual class

Casual class

What a casual look this is, isn't it? Sometimes it good just to stick with comfort which is exactly what I thinking about when creating this look on polyvore for my media project I'm working on. Who knew editing a picture on Photoshop could be so hard, thank God I had peers who were willing to help. Sorry I 
haven't posted in a while, exams are in literally 5 weeks and I just cannot believe how fast the year has gone. Soon, I'll be off to University, yay. Well that all requires hard work and effort so sorry if I run off for while. Check out all my social media in the mean time as I'm quite active there. I've also got some great news to share... I had my first ever photo-shoot as assistant stylist a couple of weeks ago!! I still can't believe it, don't worry I will be be able release some pictures once I get a heads up from the designer for, who by the way I'm interning for. 
 Hope you are all having a great week so far. More to come in my next post, see you then!

SELECTED black cardigan
$95 -

Topshop blue jeans

Dr. Martens ankle booties

OTTE accessory

Old Navy black belt

Lipstick Queen lips makeup

Love Yvette xo

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