Pearly Whites

Pearly Whites

H M tuxedo jacket
$40 -

Topshop jeans

Summer shoes
$48 -

ALDO shoulder bag

NYX lipstick
$4.82 -

Recently, I have been loving 'white' clothing due to its simplicity and although I haven't really got a lot of white clothing, I think there is no harm in looking a little bit chic even in the winter. it also reminds me of snow which mean....Christmas!! One of the best holidays of the year! is anyone else excited about Christmas because I know a lot of stores are, since there are already so many Christmas decorations up.

Unfortunately my camera just recently stopped working and to be honest I am so gutted but, Thank God for my 2 year warranty. So, hopefully I will be able to get my camera fixed soon so I can get some outfit posts up which I have been hoping to do for a while.

Hope everyone has a lovely week!

Love Yvette xo 

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