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As many of you previously saw in my last post, I traveled to Ghana for the summer and I must say that in did change a lot of things about me. Being there reminded of the fact that I don't need to dress for anyone but myself and ultimately my happiness. This has made me really want to show off my style based on who I am and a lot of inspiration from the world around me and by doing that I will need to stop hiding in my room and reminiscing over the clothes I know is really hard to get and start to focus on the more realistic things in life. Fashion is not only about trends, its also about your identity and how you are able to reflect your emotion, personality and feeling through you sense of style 

I will be showcasing more OOTD and my monthly favorite from high street stores and outlets. Hopefully i can stick to my word and actually have the courage to showcase it. I will try my best though because i am now in in sixth form so I am trying to create a schedule around my work and blogging because, to be honest blogging, writing, reading and creating/styling looks is my stress reliever so it is nice to just sit on my laptop, reply to emails and messages whiles stumbling across inspirational style images on Tumblr. 

Be happy in your own skin, smile about your style and as Shameless Maya says, DO YOU BOO! 

Image from Fashion + Luxury Tumblr Blog

 Love Yvette x

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