Crazy inteligence

Yes I know what you're all thinking, "she's crazy". Infact she's actually not. The hip hop artist Nicki Minaj was seem wearing this outrangeously crazy outfit at the VMA's 2011. She suprised everyone with this outrageous outfit and made even better entrance than Lady Gaga that night. Although it may look over the top, this is has a lot of dynamic features such as the ice-cream necklace, pink tootoo, and colourful mask.
In the 2000's japenese video and computer games became popular all around the world especially in the Neatherlands. Now, your probably wondering what does this has to do with Nicki's outfit, well, I do recall the female characters in the game having a long tail and animal like dressing. Do you see wear I'm heading now? After a long recap of the japenese games, I have realised that Nicki's inspriration has come from the female Japenese characters, but she has just added her own twist and courageous knowledge of edgy fashion. I must say tihs is such a clever way to capture everybodies attention and get them talking about an outfit that is just unforgettable. Pure genious Nicki's especially for a 'girl that could never be defined', or so she claims in her latest song 'Fly' ft Rihanna.

If you are not familiar with the japenese charactes, then this is just an idea of what they may look like, but with out the tail.

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