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Trends and Styling: The Military Jacket

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So recently in the world of fashion, fashions finest no1 trend setters, bloggers and youtube guru's have been drooling over the newest A/W trend 'Military'. But which seems to be the most adored item within the trend is the military jacket. Now for others, this has been a cool thing to have such a cool trend but for me, its not -.-. don't get me wrong though, its not that I don't love it, I do.
However, back in December, I was drooling over this cool heavy military jacket in Punky Fish just before Christmas and boxing day sales (YAYY!) and I was instantly star struck after about 5 seconds of staring. I instantly wanted to get it before anyone else did, but seeing as I am a person who doesn't regularly shop, I just pick little things as I go along so I left it and didn't buy it. 2months later, I spotted it again, and I was ready to buy it by the end of that week, but me being me, I ended up spending it on food (I may not look like it but, I LOVE FOOD XD), so time went buy and I didn't end up getting it. Now, its like a massive trend, and yeah I do love trends but sometimes I just like to be unique, that's why I love vintage, but now it will be even harder finding a unique one that will stand out. Anyway , I shall elaborate on that a bit more on a post I'm planning to about whether trends are always a good thing (that's not the title, don't worry).
Moving on the purpose of the post...
I thought I would do a post on how to style this jacket as it is diverse and versatile but it can also be difficult to tell whether something looks good with it or not, so here's my attempt to give you some inspiration in how to style it.

If you did read my recent post on 'My Leibster blog award nomination'  then you may have noticed that I mentioned that fact that I want to become a fashion stylist in the future (or now, if possible, lol), so I thought I would practice more and get the hang of styling and putting together outfits. So, you will definitely be seeing more styling posts 

Love Yvette xo

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