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Williamsburg - Brooklyn

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Getting to Williamsburg, Brooklyn required a long awaited boat journey, in a small yellow boat. I initially thought that it would be in the white yacht in the picture above, but I was greatly deceived. Nevertheless, the journey was relaxing and enjoyable, whiles looking out to the amazing view New York had to offer.

Above: Sophie

Photo Credit: all pictures taken by me and must be referred back to 'TheUpgradables' 

Yvette xo 

Times Square at Night

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Having Times Square around the corner resulted in a night full of exploration regardless of our tiredness from our long 8 hour flight. The lights really shone throughout the city and gave the impression of a fun lifestyle. 


New York Living

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So I recently went to New York for my course at the beginning of January. New York is really the city that never sleeps. It's a shame we only got to spend a few days there but I am grateful for the time we had their. I also felt a new realm of inspiration had finally hit me, meaning that I could now put my creative thinking cap on when completing my latest project. 

Enjoy a few pictures I captured whiles I was there...


Photo credit: all taken by me and must be referred back to TheUpgradeables. 

Yvette xo 

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