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The Colour Scheme - A/W 15

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I've always wondered if there is a fixed colour scheme that one must adopt during a particular season. For instance, summer usually reveals a pastel blue, green, pink and yellow colour scheme in the streets. You might also find that there are various prints and bright colours that are found on every item possible. 

Winter for me usually entails a lot of black, white and grey. Monotone colours is simplistic and can be styled in various ways. This season was no different for me except front he fact that I'm now more of a stylish comfort dresser. This usually involves a fitted pair of jogging bottoms, polo neck top and a pair of trainers. Although, this is usually only for my 9am lectures. Being warm and comfy is incredibly essential for this season as the winter nights can be quite brutal. Nevertheless, it is nice to add a stylish piece of clothing to create the final look. For me, its usually a jacket.
Here are some of the examples that I'm loving for this season in line with my preferred colour scheme. 

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