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Kim's Keeping up: Clothes Show live Entry

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Fashionista diva Kim Kardashian has stormed her way up to the top of the a-list fashion style ever since she was just 20 year old. She began her way to the top of the fashion cycle when she began styling for a-list stars such as, Paris Hilton. Ever since having her fashion break-through, Kim has continued to surprise the media with her unique style, which is simply unbeatable.

Although Kim has recently been planning her exclusive Hollywood wedding, she has definitely not forgotten to shine with a pot full of glamour and fashion. Last summer’s season, Kim Kardashian announced that her favourite colour is coral and, might I say, that is a very wise choice to make because, it matches her perfectly tanned skin tone.

With her theatrical glamour and style there is no way anyone would ever criticize Kim Kardashian’s sense of fashion. Her flattering and intimidating curves shows that every lady that is not a size 0/8 can show off what they’re really working with, without having to worry about looking bulky. It seems that just a little bit of cleavage is just one of the key assets of Kim’s divine figure.
It is clear that Kim is not just a basic lady who works at a basic job from 9-5 like most people. She is hard working, but she never fails to ‘WOW’ the public media with her diverse range of colour co-ordination , Kim is always prepared to stand in front of the camera on a day-to-day basis, especially as a model that is expected to dress with class and sophistication.
Now that is what I call a celebrity style icon!

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Snapbacks back!

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Dope Couture - Dope Couture Snapback New Era - CHARLOTTE HORNETS LITTLE BIG POP 950 SNAPBACK CAP
The invasion of snapbacks has arrived. Once again EVERY teenager has at least one snapback to make sure they have the full package of ' Swag'. The trend began in appearing on celebrities back in the early 90's. Many teenagers were facinated by the fact that nba basketball teams had made comfortable hats as part of their mechandise. Even in 2011, teenagers are continuously buying these so called ' Snapbacks' every single day: no suprise there, espcially since celebrities are earing them, they would instantly copy their style.
In the recent October issue of GQ Magazine,  I noticed in their “Manual: Look Sharp| Live Smart” section they listed “Snap-Back Hats Just Snapped Back” as their number 1 trending fashion item. They have made a rapid arrival this year and are heading to the top of the teen swag cyle.

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